Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“Committed to equipping disciples of JESUS by edifying the Body of CHRIST, reaching out with loving and caring hearts by sharing GOD’S WORD with the world.”

Our Vision Statement

“Welcome Friend Baptist Church is a Christian Community continually praising GOD and communicating HIS WORD, while inspiring and transforming lives.”

Our Core Values

The members of Welcome Friend Baptist Church endeavor by God’s grace to be a body of believers who glorify God in both beliefs and conduct. Accordingly, we hold the following core values as being essential to the fulfilling of our mission and purpose, both corporately and individually.


•Bible-Centered Preaching

•Christian Education


•Tithes & Offering

•Life Ministries

•”Mess Free” Environment

•Praise and Worship



•Servant Leadership

•Committed Christian Membership

•Fellowship of the Saints


•Christian Family Life

•Loving and Caring